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Is your family growing? Are you selling your home soon? Or, have you always wanted a private man cave? If any of these are true, you may want to consider adding onto your home! Additional rooms obviously create more space in your home and help your home’s value skyrocket. But, as you can imagine, thinking of ideas for home additions can be a bit tricky. Keep reading and grab some ideas for home improvement in Littleton, CO:

  • Connect to your yard: If you’re expanding into your back yard, find a way to connect the addition to the outside world. Large glass doors in a room leading to an outdoor patio or seating area let you utilize both the interior and exterior spaces. Get out and enjoy Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine!
  • Use different materials: Your brick home looks fantastic, but just because your brick home looks great, that doesn’t mean your new addition also has to be brick. A wood addition is a great way to tie in different elements of your home while retaining all of your home’s existing elements, like windows and trim. In fact, a brick addition might end up not looking as great as using wood or a similar material.
  • Consider the size: Even though adding a huge new room to your home sounds nice right now, you may be disappointed with the end product. An addition can quickly dominate the existing structure, taking away from your home’s original beauty. Speak to one of our professionals before you start any home improvement in Littleton, CO. The last thing you want is an unsightly addition to your home.
  • Smaller can be better: Along the same lines, a small addition or change to your home can sometimes make a larger impression than a huge new room. Simple aesthetic improvements boost your home’s value without breaking the bank!
  • Create a jewel box: Adding a light-filled room, like a conservatory, to your backyard helps you live “outside” all year long! Imagine reading a book in your conservatory in the middle of the winter while the sun shines in and heats the space through the large glass windows. Doesn’t that sound nice? Contact us today to learn more about our experience building conservatories and similar rooms!
  • Add a second floor: Ranch homes are perfect for young children and the elderly, but if you’re a relatively young homeowner without kids, a ranch might not be the best fit for you! Ranches typically don’t offer all that much space, and walking through one room to get to the next can be a hassle. If you want more space, consider adding a staircase and a second floor to your home! Expanding vertically will ensure you’re not cramped in your ranch-style home anymore, and you won’t lose any yard space thanks to an addition.

Whatever your project entails, Harrison Custom Builders, Ltd. is the home improvement contractor for the job! We’ve been in the home remodeling and construction business for over 60 years, so we know we can expertly tackle any ideas you send our way. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you!

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