Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Commercial Construction in Littleton, CO

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The location of your building site affects every aspect of your project. You could say it’s a foundational aspect of every building endeavor. With this in mind, what should you consider when choosing a site for your commercial construction in Littleton, CO? Use the following ABCs to guide your selection process:

  • Access: How easy is the property to access? After the project is complete, will it be easy to access for customers? Is it visible to traffic to attract business? Is parking space available? Will potential customers view your location as convenient? Be sure the site you choose is accessible both for the construction process and for business.
  • Buyers: Will you be looking for investors or buyers to support your endeavor? Consider the long-term value of the location for your commercial construction in Littleton, CO. This will be an important factor to those considering investing in your project.
  • Cost: Consider the cost of building on each location. What can you realistically afford? What benefits does a more expensive property offer? Are they worth it? Don’t forget to also consider whether or not your customers can afford it. Will you have to charge high prices to cover costs? Will there be a charge for parking? Don’t forget about taxes, too. These can vary greatly by location.
  • District: Verify that the location you are considering is zoned for the type of project you have planned. Various districts offer different zoning requirements. Don’t sign a lease, only to find out you can’t open up shop there!
  • Employees: Your location will affect your employees. You want a place that will attract and retain good workers. Consider the workforce you will need and choose a location that makes sense to attract those types of personnel.
  • Facility needs: What are the basic and specialized needs of your facility? If you require certain power, wiring or technology for your operations, ensure it is available and feasible for the location. If you are considering overhauling an existing space, look for one that requires minimal changes to layout and structure to meet your needs.
  • Grade: How prestigious is the location? If you hope to attract high-end clientele with your commercial construction in Littleton, CO, you must choose a high-grade location. Consider where you need to be to get the business you desire.
  • History: Consider the history of the location. What businesses occupied this site in the past? Were they successful? Why or why not? Research the history of commerce in the area. Is it growing or slowing? What are the crime rates? Find out about the history of the location and surrounding properties to ensure the property is worth the investment.

Do you have additional questions about your commercial construction in Littleton, CO? The experts at Harrison Custom Builders, LTD can help you determine the best site for your business and walk you through the entire construction process. We offer experienced professionals to ensure no detail of your project is overlooked. We are your go-to source for commercial construction, from site planning to the final coat of paint. We get the job done right.

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