Tips for Selecting the Best General Contractor in Littleton, CO

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Commercial construction in Littleton, CO is a significant investment. You want to ensure you choose the best general contractor for the task. How can you know which contractor will get the job done right? Use the following tips to help narrow your search:

  • Consider more than cost: If you are comparing general contractors in Littleton, CO, use more than price as your deciding factor. Remember, you get what you pay for. The cheapest option is not necessarily the best option. Consider what you are getting for the price. Paying for experience and quality are worth a higher budget. You’ll be happier with the final results.
  • Ask around: Find out what others are saying about the company. What types of experience did others have with their commercial construction in Littleton, CO? Ask the company directly for customer references. An established general contractor should be able to provide testimonials or point to reviews online that you can read. If you hear a lot of negative feedback, it’s best to keep looking.
  • Check their rating: In addition to obtaining customer referrals, check the company’s professional ratings. Check with the Better Business Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce or other industry organizations. If they are in good standing with these associations, this is a good sign they are worthy of your business.
  • Determine experience: As you research the company’s reputation, you should also find out what experience they have. How long have they been in business? How much training have their employees received? Look for a track record of success as well as familiarity with your specific type of project. You don’t want your commercial construction in Littleton, CO to be the first such project that the company attempts.
  • Get it in writing: If you are seriously considering a contractor for a specific project, get a bid in writing. Never rely on word of mouth and a handshake for business deals. A professional contractor will put everything in writing. The bid should include all costs, time frame and any guarantees provided. Nothing should be left to doubt.
  • Ensure safety: Find out what safety measures the contractor uses. You want your site to be a safe zone that is accident-free and hazard-free. This will prevent additional costs, delays and disasters. Ask about safety training, safety requirements and any safety measures the contractor uses for their projects.
  • Verify licensure: Is the general contractor licensed to perform the work you need? Established contractors should be licensed, bonded and insured. Verify all of these documentations are in place before hiring a contractor for your commercial construction in Littleton, CO. The contractor should be able to provide proof upon request.

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