How to Prepare Your House for Home Remodeling in Littleton, CO

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It takes some planning to ensure your home remodel goes off without a hitch. Before the demolition begins, you should have planned out exactly how the remodel will affect your daily life and the rest of your home.

Most major home remodeling jobs will take multiple weeks to complete, so this sort of planning is extremely important, as is getting start and completion dates in writing and agreed upon before you begin work.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing your home for home remodeling in Littleton, CO:

  • Scheduling: If you have kids, you should consider how the remodeling will impact your ability to handle them in your home. It might be a good idea to schedule your remodel so it happens in the fall when the kids are already back in school. You should also consider major holidays or events—you probably don’t want to have construction going on during these times, especially if you’re hosting friends and family members.
  • Kitchen considerations: There are plenty of extra considerations to keep in mind if the remodel is focused on your kitchen. Your kitchen may very well be unusable for a month or so, so you’ll need to set up some “temporary” cooking stations elsewhere. Move the refrigerator, microwave and other small appliances into another room so you can still function. If you’re remodeling your kitchen during the summer, you’ll still be able to use a grill outdoors so you won’t have to worry about getting takeout every day.
  • Pets: You need to make sure your pets are safe and comfortable during the remodel. They aren’t going to understand all of the noises and activity happening in your house. It might be easy for them to escape, or they might be exposed to other hazards. You might consider taking a dog to doggie daycare, or confining pets to certain parts of your home while actual work is being done on the house.
  • Your daily routine: Your daily routine will certainly be affected by the home remodeling process, especially if you work from home or work non-traditional hours. Work will likely be loud during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Keep this in mind when scheduling your project and determining how you’ll plan your daily routine around the remodel.
  • Protect your home: Before demolition crews come in, make sure you’ve taken appropriate steps to protect your floors, furniture and other items, even in areas where work isn’t happening. Workers are constantly going to be walking in and out of the house, so it can help to put down some runners to protect your floors and make sure walkways are clear. In addition, you should consider covering your furniture or items with sheets, and remove pictures and other hanging items from walls so they don’t fall during heavy work that causes vibrations and rumbles in the house.

For more tips to help you prep for home remodeling in Littleton, CO, contact Harrison Custom Builders, Ltd. today!

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