Must-Have Additions to Your Man Cave

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Whether you’re building out your man cave in your basement, a side room or an exterior building like a garage or barn, there are certain additions you’re absolutely going to need. Some of these will require some custom building, while others are items you can go out and pick up from the store and set up pretty quickly.

Here are a few examples of must-have additions to your man cave, from a company providing work on custom homes in Littleton, CO:

  • A bar: This is the first, most obvious addition you need to add to your man cave. Based on the kind of bar you build and the location in which you build it, everything else in your man cave will be planned around it. Some things to consider: How much storage space do you need in your bar for glassware? Will you add a back bar for shelving for liquor? Will it be a wet or dry bar? Do you want to build in a mini-fridge? Will you be running tap lines for beer into your bar? A bar can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, and there are all different types of aesthetic styles you can build it in, depending on the style you’re looking to create for your man cave.
  • Poker/game table: A simple folding card table may suffice for some people, but if you’re a regular card or tabletop game player, you might want something a little more customized, which could include built-in cup holders, USB chargers and other such amenities.
  • Refrigerator: If you don’t already have a mini-fridge built into your bar, you should have at least a mini fridge, if not another full-size fridge, in your basement to store beverages, snacks, frozen pizzas and other essentials for your gatherings.
  • Theater setup: Having a TV in your man cave should basically go without saying—it’s all the extra touches that can make it an extra awesome place to hang out, watch the game, watch a movie or some Netflix, or play some video games. Consider adding a surround sound speaker system to really enhance the television watching and gaming experience. You might also consider installing smaller TVs over the bar, depending on how your man cave is set up.
  • Comfortable seating: Your man cave is all about having a space where you can relax, so you should be sure to make comfortable seating a priority. Recliners, comfortable couches and sectionals, comfortable bar stools and other chairs should all be priority items. You can get by on old, hand-me-down furniture for a while, but eventually you’re probably going to want something a little more luxurious and comfortable.
  • Extras: Anything else that adds a personal touch to your space is highly encouraged. Perhaps it’s sports or beer memorabilia, movie posters, dart boards, etc. Make the space your own!

Need some more tips about how to deck out your man cave? Contact Harrison Custom Builders, Ltd. today for more information about custom homes in Littleton, CO.

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