What Are the Most Sought After Amenities Buyers Are Looking For?

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Today’s condo buyer is a selective customer. They want all the best in a number of categories, and they don’t want to sacrifice anything. It’s not just about physical features in the unit like granite countertops and hardwood floors anymore. They’re looking at their long-term quality of life and the cohesion of the community they’re going to become a part of.

It’s also worthwhile to note that some amenities are must-haves for buyers, whereas others are nice bonuses. More upscale customers don’t want to compromise on anything. When it comes to multifamily residential construction in Littleton, CO, choosing the right amenities could make or break the deal. Potential buyers are going to have many choices, and the right amenities could make your community stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the hot amenities right now:

  • Fitness centers: It’s almost standard for condominium complexes to have a fitness center. However, the quality of these facilities varies greatly. Some are state-of-the-art, with saunas, tennis courts and lap pools. Others are just a few barbells and an old treadmill in a room. Rest assured, having excellent exercise facilities will make a condominium complex stand out. This is often ranked high in importance to buyers.
  • Going green: Today’s consumers are concerned about their impact on the environment. You can save money and attract more buyers through taking simple steps to make the complex more environmentally friendly. Install energy saving lighting and low-flow water fixtures to have a positive environmental impact.
  • Child-friendly: Young families are a target demographic for new condominium complexes. Simple additions like playgrounds and onsite day care can be make-or-break features for these potential buyers. Proximity to good schools is another plus for young families.
  • Great location: Younger consumers are especially interested in being less dependent on cars. Condos that are near great shops, restaurants and bars will appeal to this upwardly mobile demographic. While you may not be in a big city, thinking about the benefits of a particular location is a smart move.
  • Rooftop recreation: If you’re considering a high-rise complex, then make the most of the rooftop. This often-ignored area can be a huge asset to your building. Features like common areas, swimming pools and barbecue pits can turn the rooftop into a great place for residents to hang out and meet each other.

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