Five Strategies to Attract Buyers to New Condos or Home Developments

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Recently, new condo and home developments have made a comeback in both city settings and suburban neighborhoods. But with so many properties in the same category being listed, real estate agents and home sellers are increasingly having to come up with creative ways to stand out in the market. On a similar note, custom home builders in Littleton, CO report a number of property owners investing in home and condo remodeling projects as a way to increase property value and attract buyers. There are only so many desirable amenities that can be added to new developments, so it’s time to think outside the box.

Whether you’re a real estate agent or the seller of a new condo or home development, here are five of the best strategies to attract buyers:

  • Use social media: Newspapers, billboards, radio and television are all traditional ways of advertising newly built (or in-progress) condos and houses. However, social media may be more efficient for your advertising needs because most sites are able to pinpoint key demographics and establish lead generation per click. And post sharing means your listing can theoretically reach hundreds or even thousands of people every day. Ultimately, you want to utilize all available channels to help advertise your property.
  • Stage the property: There are two ways to show a property—all the rooms completely void of furniture and decor, or staged with aesthetically pleasing home furnishings. Staging the right way—clutter-free, clean, simple, using the right colors and accents—shows potential buyers what their new home could look like. It provides that “at-home” feeling so they can visualize themselves living in the unit. You can also attempt to appeal to nostalgia. Certain smells, like that of freshly baked cookies, can conjure up good memories of home.
  • Offer open houses: The purpose of staging is to let folks see inside. But before scheduling an open house, double check that every inch of the place is clean, in excellent condition and 100 percent presentable. Another thing to consider is holding many open houses throughout the week on different days and at different times to better accommodate people’s varying work and life schedules.
  • Talk up the neighborhood: On your seller brochure and in person, don’t forget to mention how great the neighborhood is. Does the neighborhood have parks? Is there convenient public transportation? Is the condo or home near entertainment venues or museums? Also, talk about the history of the neighborhood and any exciting plans the city has for it in the future.
  • Plan tours: If the developed area has history or interesting sites, consider setting up tours of the neighborhood in addition to showing the inside of the house or condo. Tours also give potential buyers and property investors the opportunity to see the surrounding area and meet people who live or work nearby.

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