Top Three Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom Before Selling Your House

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People in the real estate business know there’s a lot of planning that goes into preparing a client’s home to go on the market. As a homeowner, if you want to attract potential buyers and sell your house near asking price, it’s important that you make sure it’s in top condition for viewing. While the first thing potential buyers will see is the outside of the house, next on the list is the inside, including the bathrooms. Keep in mind that an old, out-of-date bathroom is not as desirable as one with a modern-day facelift.

Below are the top three reasons you should consider bathroom remodeling in Littleton, CO before selling your home.


Many accidents and mishaps at home happen in the bathroom. It’s for this reason that you may want to invest in a full or partial bathroom remodel, whether you still live in the house or plan to sell soon. You may be wondering just how dangerous an older bathroom can really be, and the answer depends on the condition and quality of its materials and fixtures. Falls are likely when floors are made of worn, slippery materials, and faulty water heating systems have been the cause of burn injuries.

Unless someone is looking for a fixer-upper, prospective buyers are not typically interested in paying for a house with bathrooms that have old, busted tiles, cracked floors, faulty plumbing or other hazardous features. When you remodel your bathroom, it can be brought back to its original safe conditions. Or, if you want, you can update the bathroom to be better than it ever was!

Energy efficiency

A huge selling point these days is energy efficiency. The wonderful thing about enhancing the energy efficiency of your bathroom is that it’s a benefit to everyone, from you as the homeowner to future owners of the home. When working with your real estate agent, be sure they list how energy efficient your bathroom is so potential buyers know what they are getting.

Some of the most common bathroom remodeling projects catering to energy efficiency include installing better faucets for the sink, tub and shower, new low-flow toilets and even new energy-saving lighting. Potential homebuyers are willing to pay for an energy efficient home—especially if they can save money down the line.

Higher resale value

Although you don’t have to update your home before listing it for sale, there’s a good chance you can get more money for it if you do. You can simply replace old indoor lighting fixtures, add a new coat of paint or fix the fence, or go a step further and completely redo unattractive spaces, like an old bathroom. It goes without saying that home bathroom remodeling is one of those projects that can increase the resale value of your property, possibly by thousands of dollars, and get you your asking price or more.

If you are thinking about selling your home, bathroom remodeling in Littleton, CO could be a good investment. Contact the team at Harrison Custom Builders, LTD to help you plan the perfect remodel!

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