Energy Efficiency in Commercial Construction

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Energy consumption continues to grow as more and more technology is integrated into buildings. Nowadays, high-tech commercial construction in Littleton, CO is the norm. As energy use continues to rise, so do ways of being energy efficient. Commercial energy intensity has grown, and understanding the primary source of energy use is a big help when it comes to saving on energy costs. Here are some of the best ways to efficiently save money on energy in your commercial building:

  • Smart buildings, smart efficiency: Smart buildings have automated controls and systems in place. These buildings are becoming more and more popular in commercial construction in Littleton, CO. They use sensors and actuators to tell when to turn heating or cooling units on or off. This allows for more efficient use of energy. You don’t have to worry about an air conditioner running overnight when it’s not needed because it wasn’t turned off. The automation will take care of that for you. It will also help collect data on the building, which in turn will let you know what locations need better insulation or temperature control.
  • Insulate from cost: Adding layers of insulation around your HVAC, heating and cooling pipes and electrical outlets can be a massive cost-saver. Experts in commercial construction in Littleton, CO, like Harrison Custom Builders, LTD, are knowledgeable in the latest materials to keep the temperature where you want it.
  • Big data: One of the benefits of implementing advanced technology during commercial construction in Littleton, CO is collecting data. The data collection gathers a massive amount of information, which allows you to predict when energy bills will jump or drop based on your prior usage. You can also compare current energy consumption with past energy consumption. This helps you stay on top of maintenance or get an early start on repairing something that is beginning to break down.
  • Designing a greener building: One of the easiest and most-known ways to conserve energy during commercial construction in Littleton, CO is through green designs. One option is choosing natural lighting instead of lots of energy-draining lightbulbs. There’s also using landscaping and trees to protect from the sun and keep temperatures lower. Lots of buildings are now using solar power to help power lights and save money. All of these options put together can be a major cost saver.
  • Energy Star programs: These are voluntary programs through the EPA that deliver environmental benefits and financial value through energy efficiency. A commercial building that has earned the Energy Star label uses about 35 percent less energy than typical buildings. This can appeal to a subset of customers and open your company up to tax breaks from local, state or federal governments.

Harrison Custom Builders, LTD has been an expert in commercial construction in Littleton, CO for over six decades. We take pride in being able to offer our clients a range of construction options that can assist with everything from energy efficiency to reducing the overall carbon footprint of a property. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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