Trends That Homebuyers Are Looking for in New Construction

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As technology grows, so do the home designs and features new home buyers are looking for. There are a number of new and growing ways that technology is improving homes, and each of them are trends you’ll want to be aware of. Here are some of the major trends from both designers and home builders in Littleton, CO:

  • Tranquility: Newly built homes are doing what they can to incorporate hotel- and resort-style amenities. The goal is to let people view their home as a personal sanctuary, a true place to escape from the rest of the world. So designers are looking to put what you’d get during a luxury vacation under one roof. Homeowners and buyers are more frequently asking home builders in Littleton, CO for spa rooms and fitness areas in their new homes. Some are going even further and asking for a personal sauna room and massage room. This is a major luxury, but it does provide the entire spa and gym experience without having to pay for membership or leave your house.
  • Pet space: Humans aren’t the only ones benefiting from these trends. Homeowners are asking home builders in Littleton, CO to give their pets their own personal room. The pet spaces are made with just the pet in mind, complete with animal-friendly structures, pet sinks and grooming stations. To do this, home builders in Littleton, CO are incorporating low-to-the-ground food and water dishes in kitchens or living spaces. This allows the bowls to blend in with other appliances and features of the house.
  • Commercial design: Designers are looking at new ways to incorporate commercial designs into residential spaces. Home builders in Littleton, CO are using sheetrock as a canvas to create unique surfaces and designs on walls. These designs can add a 3D look, making walls and ceilings pop. They’re also incorporating splashes of color. Homeowners can pick a stainless color for their appliances. Stainless steel has gone from an extra option to a standard pick. Now, buyers have new options with stainless colors.
  • Technological marvels: Technology is moving further and further ahead. It’s gone from being an extra to a necessity for many homeowners. Home builders in Littleton, CO are including all sorts of spaces for new ways of monitoring the house. There are ways to monitor household appliances through mobile apps. The app can notify you of a situation, which allows you to stay ahead on maintenance and get a jump on repairs.

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