Six Types of Home Additions We Can Plan and Construct for You!

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Is it the right time for you to invest in some major home improvements? How about expanding your home? The following are six types of home addition projects that custom builders in Littleton, CO can help plan and construct for you:

  • Bump out: If you are looking for a non-invasive home addition and to add more square footage to a space, then consider a bump out addition. A bump out is really more of an enhancement to a room that already exists than an all-new built-in room. Examples include turning a half bath into a full size bathroom, extending bedroom walls over a patio or making the kitchen roomier to add an island.
  • Sunroom: If you love spending time out in your backyard, but don’t enjoy the bugs and being completely exposed to the elements, then a sunroom conversion may be the perfect home addition for you! A sunroom is the best way to be outdoors all year long while still technically staying in the comforts of home. If you choose to install electrical hookups and heating and cooling elements, then you can even control the temperature in your sunroom.
  • Two-story addition: Do you own a one-story house and want to convert it into a two-story? Well, you can! Building a second story addition is a popular home improvement project, albeit a labor-intensive one, as the roof will have to come off to build the house upward. This type of home addition is great for growing families and those who’d rather add on to their home than move out of a neighborhood they love.
  • In-law quarters: This type of home addition involves adding enough livable space to accommodate any long-term houseguests, not just your in-laws. It typically means adding on to the length or width of your house to create another living space. This space includes a master bedroom, full bath, closets, other storage space and a small kitchen.
  • Garage conversions: Garage conversions are common when extra living space is needed, but a home addition is not in the cards. When you convert a garage into another type of space, be sure to install proper insulation, electrical wiring and, if desired, plumbing. You might want to hire a contractor to help with the parts of the upgrade that are more technical. Your newly converted garage can be used as another bedroom, a guest room, a playroom, a home theater, a home office or whatever you want it to be!
  • Basement conversion: Similar to a garage conversion, you may be able to transform an unfinished basement into a livable space. Even better is that most basements are already setup with electricity and plumbing, making your conversion or addition project more affordable. If the space is big enough, you can install a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen and rent it out or use it as a guest room.

Call the team of custom builders in Littleton, CO at Harrison Custom Builders, LTD to learn more about what goes into a home addition project!

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