Seven Tips to Find the Right Property for Your New Custom Home in Littleton, CO

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Building a custom home is the perfect way to finally achieve the residence of your dreams. For some, this might mean a classic two-story home with a dining room perfect for entertaining, or a sprawling ranch house with lots of room to grow. No matter the design, you will first need to find the right property for your custom home in Littleton, CO. Finding the right property should be based on much more than just looking for the lowest price or a certain location, though. It’s important to consider a variety of different factors, as the perfect property will serve as the foundation of your new custom home.

Follow these tips to find the right property for your dream home:

  • Location first: For many shoppers, this might be the most important consideration. The top priority might be building a home in the right school district or on a large plot of land suitable for throwing backyard barbecues. Try to picture yourself actually living within the space while walking around the property. Get to know the community, check out the local downtown and maybe even meet the neighbors to get a real feel for the place.
  • Assess the property layout: Sure, practically any land can be conquered for a new home, but grading and clearing land can take a major toll on a budget. Get a clear estimate on the cost to level the land and remove any natural features before making an offer.
  • Consider future possibilities: Is the property located within an up-and-coming area? Are developers planning to build a large apartment complex next door? Are you hoping to expand your family within the next few years, or are you itching to build a separate workshop in the future? These are just a few of the things you will want to consider before deciding.
  • Identify any limitations: Familiarize yourself with any applicable HOA rules, historic districts or environmental conditions that could limit the use of the property. It’s always better to figure out any challenges of these sorts before breaking ground.
  • Know the zoning laws: An unforeseen zoning status could put a damper on your plans. Check that the property is properly zoned for the intended purpose. If it is not, research what it will take to obtain the right zoning status.
  • Check utilities and infrastructure status: Find out how much it will cost to have any necessary utilities routed to the home. This may include water, sewage, electricity, cable and gas.
  • Work with the pros: Not only can a homebuilder build the custom home of your dreams, but they can also help shoppers navigate the tricky process of identifying a prime property. A custom homebuilder can provide insight on whether the land will provide any unexpected challenges, or identify any natural features that could be highlighted in the final floor plan.

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