Ways to Make Your Home Merry and Bright This Winter

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Now that the days are shorter and nights are longer, many folks start to feel a little “blue.” A tropical vacation would help fix this feeling. Unfortunately, that’s not practical for a lot of us! Instead, one way that we can all feel a little better in the winter is to make our living space a little bit brighter and more cheerful. Follow these tips for home improvement in Littleton, CO, and we bet you’ll never feel down in the dumps again this season:

  • Remove your screens: You won’t be opening your windows any time soon, so why do you have those screens on there? Removing screens allows up to 30 percent more sunlight to flood your living space—your home will feel open, airy and bright almost immediately. As an added bonus, letting in more sunlight will warm your home and help you cut back on your monthly heating bill.
  • Trim branches around windows: Branches, bushes and vines around your windows add privacy, but they also block sunlight and create a darker environment. Break out the hedge trimmers and easily create a brighter and more joyful living space.
  • Clean your windows: We don’t have to tell you that windows get dirty quickly. Not only does this look unpleasant, but it also blocks out the sun. Clean the inside and outside of your windows to enjoy a brighter living space.
  • Hang lights inside and out: Strands of holiday lights outside put everyone in a good mood. Why not bring that practice indoors as well? Hang some strands of lights in your living room to brighten your day—both literally and figuratively!
  • Replace heavy curtains: Your heavy curtains might look nice, and they do keep your home warmer, but they block out natural light that should be illuminating your home on sunny days. Replacing those curtains with blinds or Roman shades allows more sunlight in and also helps your room feel larger.
  • Add a skylight: This one might not be the most economically feasible option, but adding a skylight does wonders to make your home feel bright and cheery throughout the year. Even on cloudier days, your space will still feel much brighter if you have a skylight. Additionally, adding a skylight can help cut back on your electric bills, since you won’t have to keep your lights on as often.
  • Buy plants: Regardless of whether or not you have a green thumb, you can make your home feel a little warmer and cozier by purchasing some plants. Flowers and other plants quickly create a homey environment that’s sure to remind you that spring is just around the corner. Just be sure to do a little research on the best plants to buy, and where you should put them. Nothing can ruin your good mood faster than looking over at a sad, brown plant.

If simple redecorating won’t cut it and you’re interested in moving forward with home improvement in Littleton, CO, be sure to give Harrison Custom Builders, LTD a call. We’d love to help take your living space from dark and sad to bright and happy!

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