Modern Apartment Design Ideas

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Modern apartment living doesn’t need to be cramped or drab. There’s never been a greater variety of designers dedicating themselves to the issues of modern apartment living, and the upside of that is a standard of living that hasn’t always been possible with apartment living.

If you’re currently in an apartment, and are looking for some of the best modern small apartment design ideas in Littleton, CO, this post is for you.

Simple renovations that make a big difference

If you own your apartment, there are some simple renovations that will make a huge difference. Widening a hallway, for example, can drastically change the feel of an entire apartment, as can knocking out a small closet to extend the bathroom. The renovations you’re allowed to make are likely limited by your apartment board, but there are many ways you can get more use out of your apartment without huge renovations as well.

Practical and multipurpose furniture

Modern apartment design inevitably requires a little creativity. An apartment requires a number of sitting areas, a number of places to think, read, drink your coffee, enjoy your views and so on. To get the most out of your apartment, it can be helpful to use multipurpose furniture––especially furniture with additional storage space––whenever possible.

Turn coziness into a design strength with clever staging

We’re dedicated to modern small apartment design in Littleton, CO, and one of the best ways we’ve noticed to design a super-livable apartment is to lean into coziness and turn it into a design strength.

Does your kitchen feel like it’s in your living room? Instead of fighting that, or trying to create some artificial barrier between rooms, lean into it. Design your kitchen and dining area so that it’s easy for someone at your dining table to have a conversation with someone in the living room, or someone in the kitchen.

Get more out of your bedroom

This is a common theme with modern apartment design. Littleton, like any other city, is filled with small apartments. Modern small apartment design requires some clever thinking. All of your spaces will serve a dual purpose. For example, if you only have one bedroom, your living room may have to serve, at times, as your guestroom. And if your living room may sometimes have to be your guestroom, you should design your own bedroom so that you feel comfortable hanging out in it. Find a simple way to extend the seating in your bedroom, at least enough so that it’s a nice place for you to have coffee in the morning. When you have guests, you’ll be grateful to have a little space all to yourself.

Fill it up without making it cramped

Furniture, curtains and wall hangings all play an important role in absorbing sound and keeping it from radiating out. To be a good neighbor, put rugs down, buy chairs and couches with ample stuffing and thick fabric, hang ceiling-to-floor curtains over the windows and so on. Then you won’t wake up your downstairs neighbor every time you have to go to the bathroom at 2:30 in the morning.

Get help with modern apartment design in Littleton, CO

Give Harrison Custom Builders, LTD a call today. Our team of experts can help you redesign and renovate your apartment to get the absolute most out of your space. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

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