Advice from a General Contractor in Littleton, CO for Building Your Custom Home

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You’re getting ready to build your dream home with custom designs—but have you really thought everything through? The pre-planning phase of new home construction is arguably the most important part, because if there are any mistakes in your blueprints, even perfect execution will result in some flaws in your home.

With this in mind, here is some advice from custom builders in Littleton, CO that you should keep in mind as you prepare the design for your custom home:

  • Don’t forget your HVAC: Your HVAC system isn’t the most exciting part of your new home, to be sure, but it’s still very important to give it its due. Poor planning with your HVAC system can result in some major moisture problems, making it more likely that you’ll have long-term issues with mold growth and the health concerns that arise from it. You should also consider the size of the HVAC units you put in your home to make sure you’re heating and cooling your home as efficiently as possible, without wasting too much energy.
  • Plan your spaces well: Making smart use of space is critical in the design of a home, especially if you’re not creating a large, sprawling estate. For example, do you really need a massive walk-in closet in your master bedroom, or can you devote some of that space to the bathroom or your bedroom itself? Where do you put your closets in your home? Will you have need for a coat closet or a mudroom? How can you get the most usable space out of your floor plan? These are all questions to consider.
  • Consider the lighting: Not only should you have plenty of electrical outlets spread throughout your home, but you should also consider the type, number and placement of lighting fixtures you’ll be installing. Natural light is also important—have windows in every room, and make them as big as you can. Natural light is the best option for your main source of light whenever possible.
  • Make sure you actually use your rooms: Lots of people add in rooms to their home that will never actually get used. It might sound fun to have a game room or a home gym, but if you don’t actually make use of those spaces, they’re just wasted rooms. If you do wish to have a spare room in your home, it should be one you can easily transition for multiple purposes—for example, an office or sewing room that can also be used as a guest bedroom.
  • Room placement: Where you place the rooms in your custom home is also something to consider. You’ll want bedrooms to be located away from the noise and traffic in your home. The kitchen should be close to a point of entry for when you’re bringing in groceries. The garage should be close to a mudroom and/or the kitchen if it’s attached to the home.

For more tips, contact a general contractor in Littleton, CO at Harrison Custom Builders, LTD.

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