Here Are the Custom Homes People Are Building in 2019

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Building your own custom home is about much more than just getting the living space you want. It’s also about being able to customize and personalize every single aspect of your home around your needs and wants. There’s a reason why luxury home builders in Littleton, CO don’t come cheap, but ask any homeowner who lives in a custom-built home and they’ll tell you it was money well spent.

If 2019 is the year you finally take the plunge and build your home, make sure you know exactly what you want. And, if you’re still looking for inspiration for your own dream home, it’s always a good idea to look at what’s currently on trend in the world of residential construction in Littleton, CO. Here’s what the custom home building trends look like so far this year:

  • Let the light in: Sunrooms are immensely popular as part of new home designs. Why? Because people have figured out that natural sunlight is a stunning addition to any home. Sunrooms pave the way for well-lit spaces, followed by full-length east-facing windows and skylights. The more light, the better!
  • Living kitchens: The kitchen has long been the epicenter of the home, used for much more than just cooking. Kitchens can be for entertaining, meeting and even relaxing in! Modern kitchens pay mind to the room’s many uses and feature designs meant to accommodate everyone. Islands and bars define the modern kitchen, followed by televisions and even built-in features like desks or curio cabinets to occupy those corner spaces.
  • Walk-in and -through: New home builders in Littleton, CO are seeing a dramatic shift in the way bathroom showers are imagined. No longer are these spaces just big enough to stand in and surrounded on all sides. Today’s showers are big, open and designed to facilitate movement. Overhead showerheads are all the rage and glass shower doors open up these growing spaces even further. The modern shower is meant to pamper.
  • Wood is big again: Hardwood floors have always been timeless. But now, other wood accents are starting to make themselves focal points again. Crown molding and shadowboxed walls are big, alongside accents like reclaimed wood walls. Exposed support beams are also popular, making a statement about the strength and stability of wood.
  • Tear down those walls: Open-concept homes are gaining traction in a big way! People don’t want to be confined by their living space—they want to be freed by it. Kitchens give way to dining rooms, which connect to living rooms with second-story lofts—all connected together with as few walls as possible. No matter where you are in the home, an open floor plan makes you feel not far from any other room.
  • Outdoor living: Home design doesn’t stop where nature starts! Case in point: outdoor living spaces are a major design trend among new homes. People want outdoor kitchens, pools, Zen gardens, fire pits and more, all working hard to bridge the gap between comfortable living and outdoor freedom.

These trends and many more are on the rise in 2019. If you’re planning on building your dream house, be sure to consult with Harrison Custom Builders, LTD about any of these popular design options or to bounce a few ideas off of our pros!

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