Tips to Keep Your Construction Project on Schedule

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There is no shortage of stories about construction projects that went wrong. Typically, they involve the contractor either taking far too long or exceeding the budget by an eye-popping amount. No one wants to end up in this situation. While you want to keep expectations in check, it’s also important that the contractor delivers on their end of the deal and provides exactly what they specified in the first place.

Luckily, there are smart companies in commercial construction in Littleton, CO that know how to manage each project. Read on to find out the best ways to keep everything running smoothly:

  • Expect the unexpected: Once you’ve determined a budget for the project, it’s a wise idea to add 10 percent and plan on that total being the real cost. The reality is that construction is a complicated business, and there are going to be unforeseen issues. There’s a reason construction has become the focus of so many reality TV shows: you never know what’s going to go wrong! Have a contingency plan in place ahead of time so that you’re prepared for anything.
  • Keep communication lines open: It’s important for a construction team to keep communication lines open among team members, with subcontractors and with the client. Many of the headaches that result from scheduling issues stem from people failing to communicate with each other. Set meetings, ask questions and make everything crystal clear to stay on top of the schedule.
  • Hire the right team: Each project is different and will need a unique set of skills. For example, you might want to bring in an architect or an interior designer. Paying professionals to do the work right the first time is always a smart business decision.
  • Stay on the same page: The contractor should always review the agreement with the client prior to starting work. All involved parties should know exactly what the schedule looks like so that they know how to expect the project to proceed.
  • Discuss charges ahead of time: Here again, there needs to be a conversation between the contractor and the client. It’s inevitable that there will be some additional charges for a large project, so go over likely scenarios and how much they’re anticipated to run to avoid surprises.

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