The Time and Effort That Goes Into a Typical Kitchen Remodel in Littleton, CO

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Before taking any steps toward starting a kitchen remodel in Littleton, CO, it’s important for you to know how long a project like this typically takes from start to finish, as well as understand the effort required to complete such an undertaking. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect.

A sample timeline

The truth is that the time needed to complete a kitchen remodeling project depends on quite a few factors. For instance, if you want to take out a wall to open up the kitchen to the dining area (or add a wall), the construction timeline for the project will be a little longer. Adding or removing a wall generally requires a local building permit, and acquiring one may take time. With this info in mind, let’s review an example of a typical kitchen remodel timeline—one that doesn’t include adding or removing walls:

  • You’ll meet with a remodeling contractor to discuss your project. After they know what you have in mind, they’ll give you a quote for materials and labor, as well as a tentative timeframe for completing the project.
  • Finalizing the project can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on your chosen remodeling company’s schedule. Selecting the materials can take one to four weeks—on the longer end if you seek particularly hard-to-find materials like custom countertops or cabinetry. Then, it can be another four to eight weeks for all materials to be ordered and delivered.
  • When it comes to the demolition and removal of old materials and kitchen appliances, wait time can be about a week, followed by three to four weeks for professionals to install new materials, appliances, plumbing, electrical wiring and flooring, and to repaint. For touch-ups and cleanup, expect one to two weeks of additional work.

How to prepare for your kitchen remodel

Now that you have a very general understanding of the likely project duration from start to finish, there are some things you need to do to prepare yourself for kitchen renovation. First, make sure you have a good idea of the look and style you want. For design inspiration, check out websites like Pinterest, magazines and home remodeling shows on TV. You can even take note of the elements in other people’s kitchens that catch your eye. Another recommended step is to set up a consultation with a home remodeling consultant.

Prior to remodeling, be sure to remove all personal belongings from the general work area. Anything that is too big to move—like couches, tables, bookcases, large appliances and electronics—should be covered with plastic or sheets to protect them from dust and other debris that’ll get kick up during the project.

Stick to your budget

Ideally, you should have a budget in mind from the start. This way, you can allot a certain amount of money to different kitchen features, including cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing and electrical upgrades, paint and, if you choose to do so, adding or removing a wall or two.

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