Great Man Cave Ideas for You to Try Out

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If you’ve got some spare space in your basement, garage or attic, you may have considered turning it into a man cave. These are great spaces for guys to hang out in and relax with their friends or family.

But how should you remodel it and decorate it? Here are a few ideas from a general contractor in Littleton, CO that may give you the inspiration you need to finally get started on your man cave project:

  • Shuffleboard floors: Want to add an activity to your room that technically doesn’t need to take up any space? You can create a shuffleboard course on your floor, and either put it in an area where it’s easily accessible or someplace where you can quickly move furniture around to clear off the board when you want to play.
  • Golf club coat racks: This is an item you can easily make yourself. Find some old golf clubs at a yard sale, cut off the heads and use them as hangers for a coat rack you can make yourself and then hang up in your man cave.
  • Gas pipe shelving: If you’re looking for an industrial, masculine sort of shelving option, you can purchase or create some gas pipe shelving. This features exposed piping as the brackets for your shelving, rather than wood or other types of metal.
  • Bottle opener game: One fun and easy project is to make “Drinko,” a drinking version of Plinko, the popular Price is Right game. Put a bottle opener near the top of a wooden panel and have pegs sticking out to divert the bottle caps after you open your beers into various different collection areas at the bottom. You can label those collection areas with “Give a drink,” “Take a shot” or just about anything else you think would be fun. Be sure to cover the front of the pegs with a clear plexiglass so the caps don’t fall off the board!
  • Bar: The bar is a cornerstone of any man cave. There are nearly limitless options for types of bars you can create and materials you can use. There are classic wooden bars, there are pallet bars, bars made with plastic or vinyl or aluminum siding, bars made with unique materials or with recycled pieces of furniture. Whatever kind of bar you want, be sure to plan it out in your space so you can make it a focal point.
  • Lighting: Lighting isn’t only practical, but can also add a lot of aesthetic value to your space. You might consider using LED strips that allow you to change color on a whim and highlight some key focal points of your design. There are plenty of other cool lighting options as well that you may want to implement in your man cave.

These are just a few ideas that you might consider working into your man cave design. For more tips and design instructions, we encourage you to contact a general contractor in Littleton, CO at Harrison Custom Builders, LTD.

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