Get Ready for Winter with New Home Insulation

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Your home’s insulation is responsible for blocking drafts and ensuring that your space stays comfortable, no matter what the forecast brings your way. If you have outdated or ineffective insulation, you are likely to spend a lot more money on heating and cooling, and you will probably have a lot of trouble regulating the temperature in your home. This can be an especially big issue during the winter months, so it’s important to schedule service with an insulation contractor in Littleton, CO before winter.

The importance of insulation in the winter

There are a lot of reasons why insulation is so important during the winter months. For one thing, insulation can make a significant difference in the overall energy efficiency of your home. When you have weak or worn insulation, you will likely spend a lot more on heating during the winter months because of increased drafts. Another concern for homeowners without sufficient insulation is damage to pipes and other systems in the home. Temperature fluctuations can cause water to expand and contract in uninsulated pipes, and this can lead to disastrous leaks and cracks.

Planning an insulation project

When you decide to plan an insulation project, you should take a few key steps to ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Assess your insulation: When you’re planning an insulation project, you should begin by assessing the condition of your existing insulation. Consider what kind of insulation you have, how old it is and which areas of your home experience the most drafts. Monitoring your energy usage is a good way for you to identify any problems with your heating and cooling efficiency that you want to address. You should also assess insulation in your attic so you can determine whether you need to add new insulation to that part of your home.
  • Research insulation options: There are a lot of different types of insulation that you can choose from depending on your specific needs, budget and preferences. Do some research into your different options, including fiberglass, cellulose and spray foam insulation, and determine which insulation products are best for the parts of your home that you need to insulate.
  • Find a contractor: After you’ve done some research and you have a better idea of what kind of insulation you need, you should look for an insulation contractor in Littleton, CO who can provide you with installation services. Browse local providers online and read reviews from former customers to narrow down your options.

Work with an insulation contractor in Littleton, CO

If you’re looking for help from a professional insulation contractor in Littleton, CO, reach out to Harrison Custom Builders, LTD. For decades, we have been proud to provide our clients with comprehensive building services. With extensive experience in custom home building, remodeling, commercial building construction and home renovations, you can feel confident that our team has the expertise necessary to assist you with a project of any size. Give us a call today to get started with a free quote and consultation.

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